Montana Repertory Theatre stands at the cross-section of educational and professional theatre, producing work that celebrates, engages and challenges the people of Missoula and the state of Montana.

Our vision

Montana Repertory Theatre will be recognized as one of the leading arts organization in Montana and will be known for its commitment to creativity, resourcefulness, innovation and superior storytelling.

We will achieve this vision by:

  • Working with talented people to tell great stories.

  • Facilitating partnerships between students and professionals to inspire and equip the next generation of theatre artists.

  • Telling the stories of all Montanans, including its indigenous peoples, responsibly and respectfully.

  • Expecting excellence in everything we do.

  • Engaging our audiences at all stages of our processes, not just with the final product.

  • Attracting the best and most diverse artists, staff, students and volunteers.

Our Values

  • Education

  • Artistic Risk

  • Imagination

  • Collaboration