Go. Please. Go. banner image, man and woman inside hourglass, holding umbrellas as sand falls


Emily – Jenni Putney*

Jeremy – Bear Brummell*

Andrew/Howard – Yonatan Gebeyehu*

Emily’s Mother/Andrea – Kelly Quinett

Jeremy’s Mother/Sage/Babysitter – Salina Chatlain

Andrew’s Mother/Janet/Andreas – Ann Peacock

Understudies - Claire Peterson, Benjamin Park, Colleen Rosbarsky

Creative Team

Director - Michael Legg

Stage Manager - Codey Leroy Butler

Scenic Design - Travis Clark

Lighting Design - Derek Van Heel

Costume Design - Beatrice Vena

Sound Design - Michael Costagliola

Choreographer - Joy French

production Photos

Photography courtesy of Justin Philalack

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